AFL Trade Week Wrap: Port, Bombers shine brightest

The AFL's trade week is done and dusted. How did your team fare? Our resident expert takes a look.


In: Bryce Gibbs, Sam Gibson, picks 12, 39, 77, 2018 first-round pick (Melbourne), 2018 second-round pick (Carlton), 2018 third-round pick (Carlton) and 2018 fourth-round pick (Melbourne)

Out: Charlie Cameron, Jake Lever, Harrison Wigg, picks 16, 36, 54, 73, 91, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick and 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 12, 39, 77, 109

Knightmare says: While a lot was paid for Bryce Gibbs, he is worth the price paid by the premiership contender. Gibbs is a gun midfielder who can impact the game in multiple positions while offering rare durability, playing less than 21 games only once since his debut 2007 season. Sam Gibson was also a savvy selection by Adelaide, having played 130 consecutive games as an outside runner after making his debut in 2012. While the loss of Harrison Wigg will mean little, having not debuted, the losses of Charlie Cameron and Jake Lever are substantial and will subtract from the brand and quality of football Adelaide played in 2016. Cameron's 103 tackles as a forward greatly weakens the front half's capacity to pressure and Lever's intercept marking down back also will be greatly missed.

Grade: C+


In: Charlie Cameron, Luke Hodge, picks 15, 18, 40, 44, 52

Out: Josh Schache, Tom Rockliff, picks 12, 20, 43, 75

DRAFT PICKS: 1, 15, 18, 40, 44, 52, 93

Knightmare says: The departures of Tom Rockliff and Josh Schache as a free agent and via trade respectively are substantial losses in Brisbane's list build, with the compensation received in both cases poor. The addition of Charlie Cameron was worthwhile at the price and will greatly energise Brisbane's front half, adding a new dimension as a high-quality, speedy, pressuring specialist. Luke Hodge is a dream pick-up and a perfect list fit. Hodge will pass on his experience to the club's youth and help fast-track their development as an on-field coach which Brisbane need more than anything with their still very young and inexperienced side up until this point lacking veteran leadership.

Grade: A


In: Matthew Kennedy, Darcy Lang, Matthew Lobbe, pick 10, 30, 73, 2018 second-round pick (Adelaide), 2018 second-round pick (Western Bulldogs), 2018 fourth-round pick (Geelong)

Out: Bryce Gibbs, pick 40, 58, 77, 95, 2018 third-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 3, 10, 30, 73

Knightmare says: Bryce Gibbs is an unfortunate loss, but fair currently was gained. Arguably the bargain of the trade period goes to Carlton with their trade of pick 28 for Matthew Kennedy. Kennedy, who is ready to play a more prominent midfield role, has the scope to become one of the game's premier midfielders. He is a strong bodied, contested ball-winning midfielder who also poses a threat up forward. Darcy Lang and Matthew Lobbe both add depth.

Grade: A


In: Sam Murray, 2018 third-round pick (Sydney)

Out: 2018 second-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 6, 38, 56, 61, 70, 80, 98

Knightmare says: Sam Murray, a speedy half-back flanker with a long kick is an untried rookie of two years. While he is a suitable list fit for Collingwood, who lack run and rebound off half-back, the price spent for a speculative back-flanker is surprising when Trent McKenzie could have been had for a late draft choice or Aaron Mullett could have been picked up as a delisted free agent. The other disappointing element of Collingwood's trade period was after four of the club's five list changes were key position players, the Pies made no effort to secure any talls through the trade period. It can only be assumed that Collingwood will enter the draft with a key position theme in mind and aggressively target Gold Coast's Tom Lynch next offseason as a free agent.

Grade: D


In: Adam Saad, Devon Smith, Jake Stringer, 2018 second-round pick (GWS)

Out: Picks 11, 30, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 48, 67, 85, 103

Knightmare says: Improved their list, adding three likely best 22 players and securing each at a good price. Adam Saad adds run and excitement off half-back. Devon Smith will provide forward pressure to the front half and can also push through the midfield. Jake Stringer though was a bargain pickup, still possessing the scope to become one of the stars of the competition if he puts in the work and develops his endurance. With their new additions, Essendon can contend for a top four position, and with the club's young core that is developing won't have any issue entering the draft in the third round.

Grade: A+


In: Brandon Matera, Nathan Wilson, picks 2, 66, 71, 83

Out: Harley Balic, Hayden Crozier, Lachie Weller, pick 57, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 2, 5, 42, 60, 66, 71, 79, 83, 97

Knightmare says: Nathan Wilson as a line-breaker off half-back and Brandon Matera, who started 2017 in career-best form as a crumbing forward, both project as best 22 players for bargain basement prices. What makes this a winning offseason for Fremantle is securing pick 2 for Lachie Weller and pick 41, in a rare trade where the pick received is worth more than an established player of high quality. Losing Harley Balic for so little though was not an ideal loss as he is a young player with serious scope to develop. Hayden Crozier as a pressure forward has his moments but ultimately is replaceable.

Grade: A


In: Gary Ablett, picks 24, 58, 2018 third-round pick (Richmond), 2018 fourth-round pick (Carlton), 2018 fourth round-pick (Gold Coast)

Out: Darcy Lang, Steven Motlop, pick 53, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 22, 24, 35, 58, 72, 90

Knightmare says: The return of Gary Ablett is a big win for Geelong's premiership chances, with the returning Cat feeling like he has two years of 30 games of around 25 disposals and one goal as a midfielder or 17 disposals and two goals per game as a forward left. Ablett's return greatly relieves pressure off Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood through the midfield and allows greater flexibility for any of Geelong's midfielders to impact games up forward for periods. The compensation received for Steven Motlop as a free agent was stronger than expected, reflecting his worth while Darcy Lang, a depth midfielder/forward gets an opportunity elsewhere. What would have made this a great offseason for Geelong would have been the addition of a quality second key forward to pair with Tom Hawkins which is the only knock.

Grade: B+

Gold Coast

In: Lachie Weller, Harrison Wigg, Aaron Young, picks 19, 41, 50, 54, 2018 first-round pick (West Coast), 2018 second-round pick (Essendon), 2018 second-round pick (Geelong), 2018 third-round pick (Fremantle)

Out: Gary Ablett, Brandon Matera, Adam Saad, picks 2, 21, 24, 26, 37, 39, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 19, 41, 50, 54, 76, 94

Knightmare says: While Gold Coast will be better for the addition of Lachie Weller, who adds pace and skill on a wing or off half-back, pick 2 was entirely too much to give up for Weller and pick 41. Harrison Wigg while untried is a skilful outside midfielder who averaged 25 disposals per game in the SANFL and adds depth. Aaron Young will be in the mix for selection as a contested ball-winning midfielder who is also capable up forward, kicking 37 goals for Port Adelaide in 2016. Losing Gary Ablett, Brandon Matera and Adam Saad is a step back in Gold Coast's list build overall. It was surprising that Gold Coast didn't make a more aggressive play at North Melbourne's Andrew Swallow to add veteran leadership with a view to fast-track the development of Gold Coast's youth, similar to Brisbane who added Luke Hodge. Gold Coast's most interesting trade may have been their pick exchange with West Coast, trading four second round choices for West Coast's 2018 first round choice and pick 50, which relies on West Coast finishing lower rather than higher in 2018.

Grade: D

Greater Western Sydney

In: Picks 11, 28, 57, 2018 second-round pick (Fremantle), 2018 third-round pick (Essendon)

Out: Matthew Kennedy, Devon Smith, Nathan Wilson, picks 25, 71, 2018 second-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 11, 27, 28, 57, 65, 89, 107

Knightmare says: A lot of good talent shed for no real return while list weaknesses are exacerbated. Greater Western Sydney lose one of their most promising young midfielders in Matthew Kennedy, a pressure forward in Devon Smith who will be difficult to replace and a line-breaking defender in Nathan Wilson who they couldn't afford to lose with Heath Shaw in the twilight of his career. Shane Mumford has also just retired, leaving another big hole to fill in the ruck. GWS now will need to be smart filling their needs with delisted free agents and through the draft, with their list feeling less complete compared to this time 12 months ago.

Grade: D


In: Jarman Impey, picks 43, 68, 75

Out: Luke Hodge, picks 34, 44, 62, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 43, 68, 75, 81, 99

Knightmare says: Jarman Impey was a pricier-than-expected utility with genuine leg speed and some tricks who was selected for immediate impact. Otherwise, Hawthorn arguably could have been more active in some of the discussions for key position players, midfielders or to enhance their hand in this year's draft.

Grade: C


In: Harley Balic, Jake Lever, picks 31, 36, 2018 third-round pick (Adelaide)

Out: Jack Watts, picks 10, 66, 2018 first-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 29, 31, 36, 47, 84, 102

Knightmare says: The addition of Jake Lever was worth the price paid and will greatly strengthen Melbourne's back half. Lever is one of the competition's elite intercept marks and provides Melbourne with the extra key defender they have been missing. Harley Balic while not a household name is an exciting get with best 22 chances, as an untapped midfielder/flanker hailing from a basketball background with impressive special awareness, a nose for the ball and strong hands overhead. Jack Watts is a loss, and the value received was unders, but the relationship had run its course. Melbourne look like a top eight side after this offseason and are moving in the right direction. Overall, Melbourne are improved on paper with the additions of Lever and Balic and may come close to a top four finish.

Grade: B+

North Melbourne

In: Pick 91, 2018 third-round pick (St Kilda), 2018 third-round pick West Coast)

Out: Sam Gibson, pick 46, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 4, 23, 64, 78, 91, 96

Knightmare says: Nothing noteworthy achieved. A much-needed shake-up did not happen. Too many of the same types retained -- slow midfielders and ruckmen-- but no good youth or picks added. Opportunity to take a step forward in rebuild not taken.

Grade: D+

Port Adelaide

In: Steven Motlop, Tom Rockliff, Jack Watts, picks 46, 59, 62, 63, 95, 2018 second-round pick (St Kilda), 2018 third-round pick (North Melbourne)

Out: Brendon Ah Chee, Logan Austin, Jarman Impey, Matthew Lobbe, Jackson Trengove, Aaron Young, picks 31, 68, 2018 fourth-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 46, 49, 59, 62, 63, 86, 95

Knightmare says: An aggressive approach to move fringe types to clear salary cap space to add two difference makers as free agents in Steven Motlop and Tom Rockliff makes Port Adelaide an instant trade week winner. Rockliff greatly strengths Port Adelaide's midfield and Motlop adds substantial pace and x-factor across half-forward. Jack Watts was also a cheap get and strong list addition who will benefit learning off Justin Westhoff. Watts will give Port Adelaide a lot of options with his versatility and the freedom to run making this an ideal fit for Watts. On paper, Port Adelaide are the off-season's most improved side and have the scope now to enter the top four and perhaps premiership conversation. Not having a pick until the third round won't concern Port Adelaide.

Grade: A+


In: Picks 20, 25, 53

Out: Picks 15, 52, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 17, 20, 25, 53, 55, 74, 92

Knightmare says: Exchanged picks to ensure they're well placed to match any bids on father-son prospect Patrick Naish who is expected to attract a bid in the teens. Richmond are well placed to fulfil their long-term key position needs with the 17-25 range the sweet spot where several key position players are expected to be taken this year. What Richmond arguably should have done was make a play at one of the key forwards available, with a view towards upgrading the clubs list and strengthening a list weakness.

Grade: C+

St Kilda

In: Logan Austin, 2018 fourth-round pick (Adelaide), 2018 fourth-round pick (Port Adelaide)

Out: Pick 59, 63, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 7, 8, 34, 45, 100

Knightmare says: Logan Austin adds depth to St Kilda's back half as an athletic, intercept marking key defender. St Kilda arguably could have been more active through the trade period, but will be pleased to enter the draft with two top-eight draft selections.

Grade: C+


In: 2018 second-round pick (Collingwood)

Out: Sam Murray, pick 70, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 14, 33, 51, 88, 106

Knightmare says: Moving up and acquiring a second-round pick in the 2018 draft is a very positive return for a rookie listed player who in his two years with Sydney had yet to debut. While the return for Murray far exceeds expectation, Sydney's inactivity in recent off-season's for a contending team is disappointing after previously building their 2012 premiership side with smartly identified, underutilised talent from other clubs, headlined by Shane Mumford and Josh P. Kennedy.

Grade: B+

West Coast

In: Brendon Ah Chee, picks 21, 26, 37, 2018 second-round pick (Gold Coast), 2018 fourth-round pick (Hawthorn)

Out: Pick 50, 2018 first-round pick, 2018 third-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 13, 21, 26, 32, 37, 69, 87, 105

Knightmare says: Following the retirements of Matt Priddis and Sam Mitchell, West Coast shored up their midfield with Brendon Ah Chee who is an athletic but powerful goalkicking midfielder who will compete for regular senior selection in 2018. While trading a future first round selection away to Gold Coast is a risk, West Coast made the trade in order to secure five picks within the first two rounds this year, with a view to start regenerating the club's aging list with more youth.

Grade: B

Western Bulldogs

In: Hayden Crozier, Josh Schache, Jackson Trengove, pick 16, 2018 fourth-round pick (Fremantle)

Out: Jake Stringer, picks 28, 41, 83, 2018 second-round pick

DRAFT PICKS: 9, 16, 82, 101

Knightmare says: The loss of the talented Jake Stringer for such little return may come back to bite the Dogs. Understanding coming into trade week that Stringer would be leaving, the additions of Hayden Crozier, Josh Schache and Jackson Trengove are positive, pro-active list additions to a side looking to strengthen their list after a shock down year following the club's drought breaking 2016 premiership. Free agent Trengove gives the Dogs flexibility as an athletic tall who will slot into the best 22 as a key defender who can push through the ruck. Josh Schache as the No. 2 pick from 2015 was a bargain pickup for two second round choices as a developable key forward who attracts the ball inside 50m and is a reliable set shot goalkicker. While Hayden Crozier adds depth up forward as a high-leaping forward who provides good forward pressure.

Grade: B+