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Inside Mo Bamba's quest to be the NBA's next great big man

This is the behind-the-scenes story of how Bamba is training to join the ranks of the league's top big men.

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Six African NBA draftees who are not Mo Bamba

The NBA draft, held in New York City this week, will see the Harlem-born University of Texas freshman Mohamed Bamba go in the first round, but there are a number of other African players to monitor on 21 June.

Bamba heads home to New York for the draft

Mohamed Bamba packs and flies from Atlanta to New York, as he returns home for the NBA draft.


Top NBA headlines



Lowe: Should Celtics put Jaylen Brown in a Kawhi trade?

If San Antonio is trading Kawhi Leonard, what would Boston offer? Zach Lowe explores how far the Celtics should go.

What can the Celtics trade for Kawhi Leonard?

The Celtics have three highly paid All-Stars, cheap young talent and valuable draft picks. So what should they trade for Kawhi?

Stephen A.: 'Spurs are wasting their time' on Kawhi

Stephen A. Smith has no doubt Kawhi Leonard will be in Los Angeles within the next two seasons and San Antonio needs to accept that.


Woj: Kawhi trade request stems from frustration

Adrian Wojnarowski says Kawhi Leonard's frustration with comments by Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich about his injury made him want to leave San Antonio.


Is Kawhi to Cleveland a possibility?

The SportsNation crew breaks down whether the Cavaliers could land Kawhi Leonard in a trade with the Spurs.


Scott: Cavs need 'All-Star caliber player' to keep LeBron

Byron Scott says if Cleveland wants any hope to keep LeBron James, they need to trade for an All-Star.


NBA Draft Insights

21 June | New York

NBA draft: Best prospects, likely picks, rankings and needs

Who is going in the top five? Who will be the best player in this class? What trades can teams make? Here's everything you need to know.

Six best NBA draft trades we'd like to see

Plenty of picks throughout the lottery could be in play for draft-night trades. So which moves should teams make?

Next Steph? Trae Young isn't backing down from challenges

The projected NBA lottery pick went from prodigy to bust in only a matter of weeks. Will he rise again?


NBA Draft 2018

Sources: Doncic leader for Hawks' No. 3 pick

European star Luka Doncic has pulled ahead in conversations within the Atlanta Hawks, who hold the third overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft, league sources told ESPN.

Doncic 'perfect' for the new NBA

Mike Schmitz doesn't see Luka Doncic going past the 5th pick, breaking down why Doncic is perfect for the modern NBA.


SC Featured: 'Wonderboy' Doncic ready for next chapter


NBA Analysis

Silver 'doesn't know what else' NBA can do to stop dynasties

Adam Silver encourages fans to celebrate the excellence of Cleveland's LeBron James and the Golden State Warriors because of how dominant they have been.


How the Rockets can get LeBron

Tom Penn crunches the Rockets' roster and contracts to figure out a way to get LeBron James in Houston.


Stephen A. 'could see Houston winning' Finals next season

Stephen A. Smith says with or without LeBron James, the Rockets have enough fire power to win a championship next season.


Could CP3 successfully recruit LeBron to Rockets?

Jalen Rose says he loves the possibility of LeBron James joining forces with Chris Paul and James Harden to take on the Warriors in the West.


Most Improved Player award should stay in African hands

There is something special about the Most Improved Player award for this season as a continuation from last year.

Embiid makes strong case for DPOY award

If the criteria for this year’s Defensive Player of the Year award is simply down to a player’s impact on his team.

Gallinari will be a big boost to Team World

Like most players listed for the NBA Africa Game, Danilo Gallinari will be looking forward to playing. Partner

NBA TV Mock Draft: Lottery picks

Who could be biggest first-round steal?

Draft previews for all 30 teams

LeBron's Free-Agency

The Decision 3.0

Shaq: LeBron's a legend; no need for more rings

Drawing on his own experiences in the final years of his NBA career, Shaquille O'Neal doesn't think LeBron James needs to chase championships anymore, as his legend is already determined.

Billboard top 30: Every NBA team's pitch to LeBron James

Fans around the NBA have put up billboards to woo LeBron James. What would it look like if all 30 teams did the same? See for yourself.

Howard: LeBron 'has to do what's going to make him happy'

Dwight Howard says at the end of the day LeBron James needs to do what is best for him and his family this free agency.


NBA Draft

Latest news and insights ahead of 21 June

Sources: Draft room likely for only collegians

The NBA draft green room possibly will not host a non-collegiate player this year, league sources told ESPN's Jonathan Givony and Adrian Wojnarowski.

This NBA draft has huge risks at the top

Centers had a minor impact in the NBA playoffs, but they could dominate the top of this draft. Is that a mistake?

Bamba enjoyed training with Embiid

Former Texas standout Mohamed Bamba explains what it was like to train with Joel Embiid and responds to critics who say his game is raw.


Bridges learned value of patience at Villanova

Mikal Bridges explains how earning playing time at Villanova helped mold him and how he keeps his game efficient.


Ayton: 'I knew that basketball would get me through'

NBA draft prospect DeAndre Ayton reflects on his beginnings in basketball and how dealing with the scrutiny at Arizona will make him a better pro.


Carter Jr. never doubted he'd make the pros

Former Duke star Wendell Carter Jr. explains why Al Horford is a good comparison for him and how his parent's basketball experiences inspired him.


2018 NBA draft features several exciting players

On a night that can change the future of the NBA, the draft will see players like Deandre Ayton and Trae Young join the league's ranks.


NBA Free Agency Insight

How the Lakers can land LeBron, Kawhi and Paul George

What's the key to creating a new superteam in L.A.? Kevin Pelton explains how the team and superstars might get it done.

Nichols: Kawhi will be the first domino to fall

Rachel Nichols expects Kawhi Leonard's potential movement to dictate where other players go in free agency.


Scott: 'Pop does not want to make the Lakers better

Byron Scott does not think Gregg Popovich wants to change the face of the Lakers by trading them Kawhi.


Scott: Kawhi to Lakers would lead to LeBron joining

Byron Scott says if Kawhi Leonard is traded to the Lakers, LeBron James will follow.


76ers, Lakers drama hurting LeBron chances?

The OTL Friday Four debate where LeBron will land as front-runners Philadelphia and Los Angeles hurt their chances with team drama.


Jalen: Kawhi is the 2nd best player in the NBA

Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg weigh in on how Kawhi Leonard's greatness may limit his trade potential.


NBA Draft

Focus on Trae Young

Stephen A. hopes Trae Young falls to Knicks at 9th pick

Stephen A. Smith says Trae Young has decent size and can shoot from anywhere which would give New York a great scoring option.


Trae Young breathes basketball leading up to NBA draft

Oklahoma star Trae Young prepares for the NBA draft with his father, Rayford, by his side.


Young: Will change the defensive narrative

Trae Young said it's his job to prove that concerns over his defensive play aren't justified and that there's not "anybody like me in the draft."

NBA Draft

21 June | New York

Bilas breaks down who Ayton is

Jay Bilas goes into detail on the favorite to be the No. 1 pick of the 2018 NBA draft, Deandre Ayton.


Everything you need to know about Luka Doncic

Jay Bilas goes in-depth on international sensation Luka Doncic's accolades and background.


Will the best player go No. 1 in the NBA draft?

The Suns are likely taking Deandre Ayton No. 1. But will he become the best star in this class? Our draft experts go deep on that big question.

NBA Coaching Changes

Grizzlies name Stackhouse, Van Exel as assistants

The Grizzlies have named Jerry Stackhouse, Nick Van Exel and six others as assistant coaches.

Raptors' Nurse made lasting impression on Ujiri

Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri has been impressed with Nick Nurse, who was formally introduced as the team's new head coach on Thursday, when Ujiri played against a British Basketball League team Nurse was coaching in 1995.

Stephen A.: Pistons made the right call with Casey hire

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on Detroit hiring former Raptors head coach Dwane Casey.



Leonard future up in the air

Seven best Kawhi Leonard trades we'd like to see

All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard reportedly wants out of San Antonio. Our NBA Insiders give seven deals that work.

Can relationship between Kawhi and Spurs be repaired?

Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich will soon sit down to talk. What comes of that will have huge ramifications for the Spurs -- and the entire NBA.

Legler: Kawhi-Spurs situation is 'bizarre'

Tim Legler is "shocked" San Antonio let Kawhi Leonard's uncertain future get to this point.


Stephen A. questions if Kawhi 'really wants to play'

Stephen A. Smith isn't convinced Kawhi Leonard should get a super-max contract from the Spurs.


Woj: Pop and Kawhi 'haven't had heart-to-heart' talk yet

Adrian Wojnarowski says Gregg Popovich and Kawhi Leonard will sit down to discuss his future in San Antonio.



Stats and Information

ESPN Analytics: Who's overrated/underrated in 2018 NBA draft?

Marvin Bagley III, Deandre Ayton and Luka Doncic all rate high in this year's model. But who has the best numbers?

Which teams are the most analytical when it comes to the NBA draft?

The Rockets lead the way in our rankings of the most analytical NBA teams when it comes to the draft, but it's the Spurs, and general manager R.C. Buford, whose makeup has had a ripple effect throughout the league.


Kevin Durant stands apart among all-time greats

KD isn't fixated on MJ's ring count like Kobe or LeBron. So what makes him tick? Zach Lowe examines the Warriors' enigmatic superstar.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Warriors trolling Lebron tradition continues

The Get Up! crew recaps yesterday's Golden State Warriors victory parade which saw even the police get involved in trolling Lebron James.


Rachel: How will Warriors keep dynasty going?

Rachel Nichols breaks down the financial obstacles threatening to dismantle Golden State's championship squad.


NBA Playoffs Insight

How Draymond Green sacrificed to build the Warriors' dynasty

The fiery forward took less money to pursue Kevin Durant. Eligible for a contract extension this summer, what will Green do next?

Is Durant better for NBA than LeBron?

Stephen A. Smith considers Kevin Durant to be a better brand for the NBA than LeBron James because, "All that matters to him (Durant) is hoops."


NBA playoff MVPs: Ranking LeBron, KD, Harden and more stars

Despite falling in the Finals, is LeBron still king of the postseason? We rank the top 10 NBA playoff MVPs.

Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

MJ vs. LeBron GOAT debate

Pippen remembers MJ's 'flu game'

Scottie Pippen takes The Jump crew back to 1997 on the anniversary of Michael Jordan's iconic Game 5 NBA Finals performance against the Jazz.


Stephen A. has no problem with Kobe's LeBron comments

Stephen A. Smith sees valid points in Kobe Bryant's critiques about LeBron James' game.


SC Featured: Jordan-LeBron debate tackled by Harvard and Yale

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, the great(est) debate of our time, is finally put to rest by the Harvard and Yale debate teams.


Stephen A.: LeBron-MJ GOAT debate officially over

Stephen A. Smith explains why Michael Jordan's "heart" separates him from LeBron James in the greatest of all time conversation.


Beadle on LeBron's hand: 'You didn't need a sympathy card'

Michelle Beadle takes issue LeBron James revealing his hand injury from Game 1 after getting swept in the Finals.




Can the Rockets land LeBron without gutting their team?

What would have to happen for LeBron to join James Harden and CP3? Kevin Pelton looks how Houston might build a juggernaut.

More proof that LeBron is headed to Lakers?

The Jump crew questions what the report about LeBron Jr. being committed to a school in L.A. means for James' free-agency decision.


Stephen A.: LeBron would make Lakers 'a show again'

Stephen A. Smith says if LeBron James suits up in purple and gold next season, "it's going to be special."


Greeny's top championship landing spots for LeBron

Mike Greenberg breaks down the 5 teams that LeBron James could win a championship with if he leaves Cleveland.


LeBron looking for next superteam?

Rachel Nichols reviews the biggest storylines of the NBA offseason, from the coaching carousel to LeBron James' looming free-agency decision.




Warriors recognize KD's value

The Get Up! crew reacts to Warriors GM Bob Myers' player-friendly approach to Kevin Durant's potential $158 million contract.


Warriors GM: Durant worth 'whatever he wants'

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Kevin Durant has "earned the right to sign whatever deal he wants" and he expects swift negotiations to re-sign the two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP.

Kerr 'thought it was a harder season' for KD

Calling last year "the honeymoon," Warriors coach Steve Kerr told "The Lowe Post" podcast that "everything was harder" for Kevin Durant in 2017-18, including blending his talents into the style Golden State has utilized for years.


LeBron's future in the spotlight

On free agency, James says 'don't have an answer'

LeBron James said his family and desire to "still want to be in championship mode" will dictate where he'll play next season, but he offered little detail as to when he'll make that decision.

Lowe: What LeBron's departure would mean for the Cavs

Dramatic moves brought Cleveland a championship in 2016. Now they might bring on the pain.

Dubs' dynasty destroys LeBron's plans

The King tells the story of the Warriors' rise and reiterates the challenge he's yet to master: how to beat them.


Vegas ready for LeBron's free agency

Doug Kezirian breaks down how LeBron's free agency is affecting the NBA championship odds for the 2018-19 season.


LeBron talks about owning Cavs someday

LeBron James talks about how he wants to stay around the game after he retires.



Off-season talking points

Ranking the best and worst offseason landing spots for LeBron's fantasy value

Where LeBron James decides to play next season will have a huge impact on his statistical output. Where should fantasy managers hope he signs as a free agent during the offseason?

NBA trade tracker: Grades and details for every deal

Which players and draft picks are on the move? We've got a rundown of the latest trades heading into the draft and free agency.

Way-too-early NBA Power Rankings: The world waits for the King

As the Warriors celebrate another title, the paths of multiple NBA franchises hinge on another offseason decision from LeBron James.

ESPN Illustration

NBA Draft

21 June | New York

Bagley: Talk Ayton will go No. 1 'disrespectful'

Marvin Bagley III says he uses all the speculation that Deandre Ayton will be the top draft pick as motivation.

Ayton after Suns workout: 'I'm going No. 1'

Deandre Ayton went through what he said would be his only pre-draft workout Wednesday and expressed supreme confidence that the Phoenix Suns will use the No. 1 pick to select him.

Watch: NBA draft scouting videos

Get ready for the 2018 NBA draft with all of the videos from our experts.



Durant to extend stay

KD says he's not concerned with LeBron comparisons anymore

Kevin Durant shares with Rachel Nichols his lack of concern for how he's viewed as a basketball player.


Durant confirms he's staying with Warriors

Kevin Durant confirmed to ESPN on Thursday that he will re-sign with the Warriors this summer. Sources told ESPN in April that Durant would opt out of his contract and sign a restructured deal with Golden State.

KD, Warriors still buying into their roles

Kevin Durant sits down with Rachel Nichols to break down the Dubs' teamwork and his plans to stay with the Warriors next season.


KD: 'I plan on staying with the Warriors'

Kevin Durant shares that he plans on staying with Golden State and there's just some small details to figure out.


KD made Warriors ridiculously better

Rachel Nichols wishes the NBA Finals were more competitive but Kevin Durant made Golden State too dominant.



Colangelo resigns as president

What the Colangelo scandal means for the Sixers and the NBA

Bryan Colangelo is out as the GM of the 76ers. Our NBA experts answer the big questions about what happened and what's next.

Philly's front office is on the clock with huge stakes

The Sixers are facing the draft and an important offseason to chase another star player. What's next with Bryan Colangelo out?

Brett Brown: Colangelo situation 'incredibly unfortunate'

76ers head coach Brett Brown calls the Bryan Colangelo situation confusing and very unfortunate for the franchise.


Kellerman: Colangelo had to go

Max Kellerman says if the 76ers want any chance to land LeBron James this offseason, Bryan Colangelo could not be involved.


Woj: 76ers 'couldn't function' with Colangelo

Adrian Wojnarowski explains that Philadelphia saw it necessary to part with Bryan Colangelo before moving into free agency this summer.


Bomani: Doesn't matter if Colangelo or wife sent tweets

Bomani Jones is not fully convinced Bryan Colangelo's wife is the one who actually sent the tweets critical of 76ers players.



Commissioner Silver on latest issues

Silver won't rewrite book on eligibility for rooks

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says there have been no discussions about changing the rules for Rookie of the Year, as debate continues over 2016 No. 1 pick Ben Simmons' eligibility for the award.

Adam Silver on Sterling Brown video: 'It was horrific'

NBA commissioner offers support for Milwaukee Bucks guard who was arrested and shocked with a stun gun for parking infraction.

Silver on Colangelo: Looking to separate chatter from facts

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says the investigation about 76ers executive Bryan Colangelo's social media activity is underway.

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