Hearthstone gets Knights of the Frozen Throne card expansion


Death Knights and The Lich King will be coming to Blizzard's hugely-popular Hearthstone card game, as the company announced that the newest expansion pack will feature all the ghoulish fiends from the Icecrown Citadel.

"No deck is safe from the Lich King's evil influence; even the most stalwart champions of the Light have been turned into wicked Death Knights. As the agents of the undead Scourge plague the land, it falls to you to gather your cards, face these vile abominations, and turn their dark powers against them," Blizzard explained on the Heartshtone website.

The new expansion, apart from having most of the chilling creatures that players will be familiar with in 135 new cards, will include free legendary chests, free solo missions and free cards.

"Fight your way through Icecrown, take on the Scourge's most terrifying leaders, and ultimately face off against the Lich King himself in a series of solo missions that will pose a significant challenge to even the most experienced Hearthstone players. The task before you is great, but so are your rewards!"

If you play your cards right, your opponent will be stunned and appalled at the same time.

"You can do some really disgusting things when you jam two of these beasts together," Hearthstone director Ben Brode said in the announcement video.

The release of this pack also marks Blizzard releasing two full-size expansions in a row - which is a first for Hearthstone. Previously expansions were launched in batches of about 40 cards.

Knights of the Frozen Throne will officially launch in August, with more cards being unveiled on 24 July. Although the expansion does include free goodies, there is currently a launch special where players can get 50 packs for $49.99. Have a look at the announcement video by clicking here, or to read up on more of the cards you can click here.