Hawks and Hornets use Twitter to create the ultimate social media trade

There's nothing quite like the NBA offseason, even if teams are trading Twitter and Instagram posts instead of actual players and assets.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets engaged in hard-core social media trade negotiations.

It all started when the Hawks tweeted that fans think they should go after everyone this offseason.

When the LA Clippers' Twitter account chimed in that the two teams should use the ESPN NBA Trade Machine to make the deal happen, discussions got very serious.

With the clock nearly ticking down to zero, the Hawks and Hornets were able to find common ground and complete the ultimate social media trade.

While these Twitter talks won't impact the NBA landscape quite like a potential trade for Paul George and Jimmy Butler would, it gives us hope that trade negotiations can be just as smooth.

Both teams did eventually make a real trade later in the day as the Hawks reportedly agreed to send center Dwight Howard to the Hornets in a three-player swap.

-- Isaac Chipps