Cristiano Ronaldo's new golden boots hint at Ballon d'Or for Real Madrid star

Not that it's much of a turn up for the books, but it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is set to draw level with Lionel Messi by winning a fifth Ballon d'Or of his career.

France Football's prestigious award isn't due to be officially handed out until Thursday afternoon but Ronaldo's boot suppliers Nike might have ruined the surprise for everybody.

Leaked images appear to show the latest model of as-yet-unreleased signature Mercurial boots that Nike have produced for Ronaldo, which are golden and feature the words "fifth triumph" written on them in Portuguese.

Internally, the boots also list the previous four years in which the Real Madrid superstar won the aforementioned trophy, with the current year marked as "CR2017."

It remains to be seen if the boots are genuine and the cat has been prematurely let out of the bag.

Nike may have produced a limited number of the Mercurial Quinto Triunfo in preparation for a potential Ronaldo win, as to allow them to roll out the PR material immediately if their man does emerge victorious.

As ever, it looks like time will tell.