Showboating player booked for fancy freestyle skills

Despite only entering the fray for the final five minutes, Bloemfontein Celtic winger Khethokwakhe Masuku still managed to garner a yellow card during the latter stages of his side's recent friendly against Kaizer Chiefs.

The Macufe Cup is an annual exhibition match played between the two sides and, rather ironically, Masuku picked up a caution from the referee for doing exactly that -- exhibiting his fancy freestyle skills.

After pausing with the ball and reeling off a stream of flicks and tricks, Masuku was booked by the referee who deemed his showboating to be unsportsmanlike conduct.

Given that the Macufe Cup is also part of the Mangaung Festival, a celebration of African art and culture, it's perhaps doubly ironic that Masuku should be punished for expressing himself creatively.

As for the match itself, Masuku's late flurry of technical footwork unfortunately wasn't enough to prevent Bloemfontein slipping to a comprehensive 4-2 defeat.