Algeria's Limitless first team to qualify for ESL African Championship finals

Kwese ESPN

The annual rAge exhibition is South Africa's biggest video gaming event, so it is incredibly fitting that Kwesé Gamer and ESL will host the grand finals of the ESL African Championship at the event.

After open qualifiers in July to determine the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in North and South Africa, the top eight teams battled it out week by week in the group stages.

But while there are still six matches left in the North African portion of the tournament, Algeria's Limitless.gg has pulled ahead enough to have secured themselves a spot in the final at rAge.

The top two teams from North Africa will be competing against the top two South Africa teams, in a battle to be crowed the overall ESL African Championship winner - and walk away with a rather hefty payout.

Limitless.gg has had a fairly comfortable ride to the finals, winning five matches so far and only drawing one - against Morocco's Vibora.

The second team however, to make it to the final from the North Africans is still up for the taking.

Vibora is currently in second place with nine points, and have two matches left to play. If they manage to win both games, they will end the season with 15 points - one point shy of equalling with Limitless.

Generation Digital is sitting in third place with seven points (and one match to go), and while they can't beat Limitless, they do pose a threat to Vibora.

The team will however need to pull out all the stops if they want to travel to South Africa. Standing in their way of glory and a shot at the Championship is none other than Limitless themselves.

It is rather fitting that the last game of the entire tournament could determine if Vibora makes it through, or if Generation Digital will be able to hold on.

But looking at the statistics and matchups, it would take some extraordinary circumstances for Generation Digital to push through.

Not only will they need to beat first-placed Limitless, but their hopes also hinge on the fact that Vibora needs to lose both of their remaining games.

Vibora face KappaMa this Thursday and Tunisia With Love on 21st September.

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