ESL African Championship: Who is proving their worth as a Hearthstone player?

Kwese ESPN

This week marks exactly the halfway point for the Hearthstone portion of the ESL African Championship. Who has the stones to be crowned the best Hearthstone esports player in Africa? Well, the North Africans seem to dominate.

Although South Africa's Sythe is in the lead on the leaderboard by score difference only, close attention should be paid to the players in the other African players.

Madagascar's Henrilys is currently in second place, but have the same amount of points as Sythe - and only second due to score difference.

If he convincingly wins in his next matches, he could take the lead. It will also be interesting to see what happens when Henrilys and Sythe meet up on 19 September. It could be the deciding match in who will compete at the final in October.

Third, fourth and fifth places are all filled by Algerian players with 12 points each, so Henrilys and Sythe aren't complete out of the woods just yet.

It should be noted the two matches didn't occur due to players disconnecting or having connection issues. It is unclear whether those matches will be rescheduled or if it simply have been forfeited. If those matches are rescheduled we could see a tighter race to the top.

There are only six weekends left in the Hearthstone tournament so it could very well be anybody's game at this point, but it will be interesting to see if some player pull ahead or fall to the pressure.

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