Vibora, Drinkpizza win big as Fractals falters

ESL African Championship

by Charlie Fripp, Kwese ESPN

A Thursday night means that more CS:GO group stages matches were played in the second season of the ESL African Championship - both in the south and north African hemisphere.

For the North African games Tunisia's Generation Digital took on Morocco's VIBORA in their Best of 3 bout.

Picking Cache and Train maps, VIBORA ultimately logged three points in the win column by winning the game 2:0. But the battle for putting points on the board wasn't a simple affair, as VIBORA narrowly won the first match 16:13.

Sensing a way to claw themselves back into the game, Generation Digital pushed incredibly hard on Cache. Sliding back and forth between map leaders, VIBORA in the end sealed the deal by taking it 22-20 - and finishing the game with their first win.

Final score: 2:0 to Vibora

Directly after the Vibora-Generation Digital match, Egypt's Drinkpizza came face-to-face with Algeria's Fractals.

Selecting Mirage and Cobblestone, both matches were tight-fought affairs. With 26 frags to his name, Lazeeeyy helped Drinkpizza secure the first map with a score of 16-14.

On Cobblestone Lazeeeyy once again proved why he is one of the best players in the Drinkpizza team, as he was awarded the Marksmanship and Most Deadly award - with an incredibly total of 46 frags in the match.

In the end the Egyptian side just proved to be too strong and determined, and ended the match with 22:20.

Final score: 2:0 to Drinkpizza

Four ESL African Championship's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches are played on Monday and Thursday nights - two matches with South African teams, and two matches with North African teams.

If you want to catch all the action, keep an eye on the Kwesé Gamer Facebook page, the ESL Africa Twitch channel, or view the live stream directly on the Kwesé Gamer website.

Just keep in mind that only one match from each region will be streamed live due to North and South African matches being played concurrently.

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