Limitless pummels Tunisia With Love in North African group stages


It might have been the second CS:GO game of the night, but all eyes were fixed on the matchup between Limitless and Tunisia With Love (TWL) in the first group stage games for the ESL Africa Championship.

Taking the match with a score of 2-0, Limitless completely dominated the Train and Inferno maps. For the Train map, Limitless ended the round with a score of 16:5. Gaining more steam, it completed the Inferno map with a score of 16:2.

After the match panel host Michael "axtremes" Harmse observed that the second map was more one-sided than the first, with Limitless completely dominating both maps.

"I thought that Tunisia With Love would be going back to the drawing board, but they didn't. It was a very convincing performance from Limitless," he said during the live stream.

Panelist Stephen "Ph4ntom" Cloete made another keen observation, and it actually means a lot going into the rest of the tournament: "It looks like there was a bit of a skills gap going into this match."

Chris "Apocalypse" Lautré, another panellist, added that as the match went on Limitless became more confident and aggressive, and showed that "they are a strong team."

The outcome of the matchup between the two teams are a bit of a surprise, as Tunisia With Love is comprised of former players from one of the best North African teams in 2015 and 2016.

Players Potei, Sheva and Krumpze played for the Tunisian national team and won the African Qualifiers twice - in 2015 and 2016. Additionally, Remiind was also included in the Tunisian national team in 2016, where he has been described as the "star" of the side.

On a side note, players Sheva and Remiind are brothers and have been playing video games together for as long as both can remember.

But don't put the result down to TWL not living up to their reputation, as Limitless is a formidable side in their own right.

Limitless has over the past years been described as one of the best North Africa teams, and includes a couple of former FENNEC players from Algeria.

Players Jada, Lyhn GGta, Kheops and RobbeN all started with FENNEC.

But as the old saying goes, history did repeat itself, as the last time these two teams played against each other was in 2016, with Limitless walking away with the win.

In the first match of the night for the North African group stages games, Tunisia's No Relation Team met their equals in Morocco's KappaMa - with the match ending a draw.

On the first map (Mirage), No Relation Team finished the round with a score of 16-7. Not content with opening their group stage account with zero points, KappaMa managed to claw it back on the Cache map by narrowly beating NRT with a score of 12-16.

No Relation Team's Sensegod was both the most deadly and the player with the most team kills - which could have contributed to NRT losing the second map.

On Mirage Sensegod scored 26 frags and 5 assists - but he also had the most deaths (16) on his side. It was clear that he was pushing hard, as he ended the map with three 2K's, two 3K's and one 4K.

The second map was no different, as he managed to get eight 2K's and one 4K. Although he didn't have the most deaths (20), he did score the most frags (27). To top another log, he managed to clock the highest headshot percentage with .282. Conversely, he was also awarded the player with the most suicides.

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