Algeria's Xspiritsama wins season one of ESL African Championship's Hearthstone

Activision Blizzard

The finals of the first season for ESL African Championship's Hearthstone tournament concluded this weekend, and Algeria's Xspiritsama had the honour of being crowned the champion.

Taking on countryman Saliom in the grand finale, Xspiritsama managed to hold his own with a 2-0 round win. Not content with simply reaching the finals, he also decided to make it a memorable one.

During one of the games, Xspiritsama used the hilarious 'Leeroy Jenkins' card - which comically secured him a win.

Leeroy Jenkins is a legendary neutral minion card from the Classic set, and with his iconic "LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!" battlecry, it summons two 1/1 Whelps for the player's opponent.

Although the players competed online from their home territories, the finals were broadcast live from the Rush esports event in Johannesburg over the weekend, where visitors could view the final matches live from Kwesé's Hearthstone fireside gathering.

If you think you have what it takes to battle against other players, there is still time to register for the second season of ESL African Championship's Hearthstone tournament. Open qualifiers will be held on 29 and 30 July, and it is important to note that registration and qualifiers are open to all Africans, and not just South Africans.

In the first open qualifiers earlier this year, nine different African nations were represented, and reached as far Algeria, Madagascar and even Mauritius.

The top four players from the first season (Xspiritsama, Saliom, Sythe, OverGame) automatically qualified for the second season and will enter the season two group stages by playing the top eight players from the open qualifiers and relegation matches.

The grand finals of the entire ESL African Championship's Hearthstone tournament conclude in October.

To register for the Hearthstone open qualifiers click here.

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