SA, Algeria in Hearthstone driving seat for ESL African Championship


Going into the fifth Hearthstone matches for the ESL African Championship this weekend, one player Algeria and one player from South Africa are firmly in control of the leaderboard.

Having played four games each, Menlyn from South Africa and Xspiritsama from Algeria are the only players on the leaderboard with nine points each, while the rest of the pack are all three points behind.

South Africa's MackyBoi is the only player that is yet to score any points. Madagascar's Henrilys, and Algeria's Saliom and OverGame are tied in the standings in terms of points with South Africa's Sythe and Simplez - all having won two games and lost an equal amount.

After this weekend's games, it will signal the halfway mark in the Hearthstone tournament, so there is still time for players to pull up their socks.

But going forward, it seems that Menlyn and Xspiritsama might have a firm grip on proceedings. The Hearthstone matchup for this Saturday and Sunday are as follows:

Saturday, 27/05/17 19:00h Saliom vs Menlyn

Saturday, 27/05/17 20:00h OverGame vs sythe

Saturday, 27/05/17 21:00h Simplez vs henrilys

Saturday, 27/05/17 22:00h MackyBoi vs xspiritsama

Sunday, 28/05/17 19:00h Simplez vs sythe

Sunday, 28/05/17 20:00h MackyBoi vs Menlyn

Sunday, 28/05/17 21:00h Saliom vs Xspiritsama

Sunday, 28/05/17 22:00h OverGame vs henrilys

You can catch all the games on ESL Hearthstone Twitch channel - just click here. You can also catch up on the current standings and fixtures by clicking here. Be sure to visit the official ESL African Championship website and follow ESL Africa on Facebook.