ESL African Championship: Damage Control powers to the top


Monday night saw another session of hotly contested Counter-Strike: Global Offensive group stage games in the ESL African Championship, with Damage Control (DC) powering to the top of the leaderboard.

Damage Control faced ExDee Gaming in the first matchup for the night, and after some hard-fought battles that could have easily swung either way, DC pulled it together to walk away victorious.

At the end of both maps, DC logged another three points by winning 2:0. Although tournament favourites Bravado are currently in fifth place overall, that shouldn't be the case for too long.

The esports group is one game behind DC, and will be facing xTc Gaming on Friday - which should balance the scales a bit.

If the current stats climate remains unchanged, the biggest matchup of the tournament might happen on 19th June when Bravado is scheduled to take on DC in Playday 6.

Monday also wasn't the night that VexxedPhoenix had hoped for - losing their second game in a row puts them severely on the back foot while they are yet to log points on the board. Vexxed faced off against Mix Kompany on the Cobblestone and Train maps, and just couldn't pull it together at the end, with Mix clocking the 2:0 win.

xTc Gaming is in a similar boat, but they could rectify their course by winning against Bravado.

It's highly unlikely that they will do so, however. Assuming that xTc falters on Friday, there should be some solace for them and VexxedPhoenix come next week Monday.

The two teams will come face-to-face with each other, and with both teams having zero points, it will literally be a winner-takes-all scenario.

All the group stages will be live streamed and can be viewed on the ESL Africa Facebook page and on the official ESL CS:GO Twitch website. If you want to rewatch (or watch the matches for the first time), you can check it out here.

We have also created an ESL African Championship hub, where you can view the current standings, all the fixtures and the latest articles for both the CS:GO tournament as well as the Hearthstone tournament.