ESL African Championship: Energy takes lead in first group season

Charlie Fripp

Viewers who tuned into Twitch to watch the first matches in the pre-season group stages of the ESL African Championship couldn't have asked for better games.

Favourites Energy eSports were placed on the back foot early into the first map, as Mix Kompany gave them an unexpected run for their money. Clawing back points, Energy eSports eventually won the first map (Cache) with a final score of 16-14.

From there, Energy eSports seemed to find their stride, and managed to win the second map (Cobblestone) as well with a score of 16-8. Winning both maps ensured 3 points on board, taking the lead in the first round of the pre-season group stages.

In the second matchup for the day, Bravado Gaming took on Exdee Gaming - with fan-favourite Bravado also running into some trouble. After playing Cache as the first map and Overpass as the second, both teams seemed to be at a deadlock as to who would take it home.

When the dust eventually settled, the matchup ended in a draw, with both teams putting one point on the scoreboard for winning one map each. Bravado won Cache with a score of 16-8, while exDee won on Overpass with a score of 16-11.

All the group stages will be live streamed and can be viewed on the ESL Africa Facebook page and on the official ESL CS:GO Twitch website. If you want to rewatch (or watch the matches for the first time), you can check it out here.