ESL African Championship sees South Africa, Algeria and Madagascar duke it out in Hearthstone


The first phase of the ESL African Championship's Hearthstone open qualifiers concluded over the weekend, and lovers of the online card game will be in for a real treat going forward.

By Sunday night, eight players have made it through to the pre-series group stages, and will now tackle each other over a number of round robin matches from 13 May to 1 July.

Four players from South Africa, three from Algeria and one from Madagascar made the cut.

At the conclusion of the Round Robin group phase, the best four qualify for the group stages of the full season.

The bottom four players from the round robin will be entered into relegation matches. Players will have another shot at entering the ESL African Championship's Hearthstone tournament with another round of open qualifiers in June, where the top four players will face off against the bottom four from the aforementioned round robin to complete the relegation matches.

The best four players from the relegation matches will then square off against the best four qualifiers from the first group phase in another round robin to produce the overall best four players. These players will then complete in the final, to be held at rAge in South Africa.

So far, the tournament has seen competitors from 10 different African countries, and this is only sure to grow as we move into the full season qualifiers in July.

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