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Peter Sagan refuses to rule out fourth consecutive world title


Three-time world champion Peter Sagan has refused to rule out the possibility of extending his record-breaking run of world titles.

The Slovakian made history on Sunday as he snatched victory in the elite road race at the World Championships in Bergen to become the first ever rider to win three consecutive crowns.

Despite initially stating that he did not want think ahead to next year's competition, the 27-year-old has now opened up on his chances of adding to his hat-trick of triumphs in Innsbruck next year.

Although Sagan admitted that the amount of climbing [4,670 metres of altitude gain] involved in the recently unveiled course for next year's championships would put him at a disadvantage, he is hoping that changes to his training regime could put him in good stead to retain his title.

"Nothing is impossible," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"On Sunday, the total altitude gain was 3,600 metres, so we are not far away. With the right preparation, I think I could be able to go for it, but let's see."

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