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CSA will launch independent inquiry into T20 Global League if needed

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Cricket South Africa's board may ask for an independent inquiry into the T20 Global League organisation if reports produced by the two ongoing investigations indicate an outside voice is needed.

Last month, CSA announced a "broad-scope" investigation into the processes that led to the postponement of the tournament, but despite the South African Cricketers' Association (SACA) and the franchises lobbying for an overall independent examination, CSA opted to keep the matter in-house. Acting CEO Thabang Moroe said they would look beyond the office walls if forced to.

"What is happening at the moment is an internal audit process. We've got two independent companies that are also looking into our affairs from a governance point of view. As far as the inquiry is concerned, once all these three reports, which are independent, are put in front of the board, the board will have a look at what they say. If the reports point to the board having to hold an independent inquiry, then the board will surely make that decision," Moroe said, at the launch of the RAM SLAM in Johannesburg.

Though Moroe was at pains to point out that the companies involved - an auditing firm and a law firm - are independent, CSA retains the oversight role and it is the board who will decide what course of action to take when the investigations are concluded. Conversely, if the investigation was conducted entirely independently, there would be an appointed person, likely a retired judge, who would oversee the inquiry, study the reports and then make recommendations.

SACA and the franchises are two important stakeholders who have put pressure on CSA to have an independent investigation and with growing mistrust of the organisation, Moroe attempted to provide an assurance that the board would follow-suit.

"The board obviously has to make the right decision in order to give confidence, not only to you guys as the media but to the entire cricketing community," Moroe said.

Reports from the current investigations are expected by mid-November or, "at the very latest, we are looking at the end of November," Moroe said. He has been receiving weekly reports on the progress of the inquiry.

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