Get to know T.J. Watt, known as Steelers rapper 'Big Watt'

Watt adding edge to Steelers' pass rush (1:09)

Jeremy Fowler highlights the uptick in sacks Pittsburgh is seeing with rookie LB T.J. Watt on the field. (1:09)

PITTSBURGH -- Coming off a two-sack, one-interception performance that earned him NFL defensive rookie of the week honors, T.J. Watt has made an early splash on the NFL scene.

Here are a few things you might not know about the Pittsburgh Steelers' rookie linebacker:

Meet "Big Watt": Steelers players like to mess around and freestyle rap at training camp, and when Watt hopped into the linebacker cypher, the result was not impressive.

"Not at all," linebacker Arthur Moats said with a laugh.

But the attempt earned him a nickname: Big Watt. Sort of a generic rapper name, but fellow outside linebacker Bud Dupree says it sticks for now. "Maybe we'll come up with something else," he said.

Sack dance inspiration: Watt swung his arms wildly after his second sack of Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer on Sunday. But the moves were not inspired by teammate Antonio Brown. Instead, Watt said he was executing moves from social media standout "backpack kid," who's famous for performing with Katy Perry on "Saturday Night Live."

Watt said he tried the move in the preseason a few times, too.

Watt loves cruise ships: He practically grew up on one. The Watt family took ships to a far-away destination at least once a year for most of his childhood.

These trips are far different now, thanks to big bro.

"We can't do cruises anymore, because J.J.'s too dang famous," Watt said during offseason workouts. "You get trapped on the boat. We had to find our secret hideouts. We always make the best of each moment. My parents have been on so many cruises that they have lounges they have access to."

T.J. doesn't want to upstage J.J.: T.J. might hold a 2-0 sack edge this season among family pass-rushers, but J.J. -- the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year -- won't hear about that from his little brother.

"I'm just really supportive of him," T.J. Watt said. "If he has a bad day, I pick him up. If I have a bad day, he picks me up. At the end of the day, we're just brothers, playing and succeeding at a high level."

T.J. stands for...: Trent Jordan, who wants to make his own name.

"I wouldn't be shocked if he tries to out-do everything that his family has done to this point," Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said during the draft. "He seems to be that kind of guy and he's going to be very quiet about it too."