Miss America inspired to victory by Eagles' Carson Wentz

PHILADELPHIA -- Bismarck, North Dakota, is so hot right now.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will have to share the spotlight in his hometown with Cara Mund, who won the Miss America pageant over the weekend.

"It's really cool for her. I don't follow Miss America too much, but obviously now I've heard all about it," he said. "That's pretty cool for Bismarck, for Century High School. My buddy called me the other night when she won and he's like, 'Yeah, you're old news now in Bismarck.' "

Wentz and Mund actually attended high school at the same time and, as it turned out, Wentz was a source of inspiration during Mund's quest for the crown.

"I said, 'If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America,' " she said during her acceptance speech.

Wentz said he saw the shoutout.

"That was cool," he said. "Obviously we're very similar in age (Mund is 23 and Wentz is 24). But the idea of playing this game and having this platform, the hope is to be a role model and an inspiration to kids. Obviously it's a little different when you're close to the same age like that, but I think that's just the cool part of this game to show it can be done no matter where you come from, whatever it is you're pursuing in life."

Mund is the first contestant from her state to be named Miss America. An Ivy League graduate from Brown University, she aspires to be the first female governor of North Dakota.